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Here are some of my ancestors, we all  share the surname VAUGH

My name is Douglas and my father is called Wilton. His father was Cecil George. His father was George John His father was George, postmaster of Leitrim. George was married to Margaret Wilton. His father was John. His father was James. His father was Walter, who died in 1777.
How do I know all of this ? Well careful research to start with and several visits to record offices in both Dublin, London and Belfast.

There are several other surnames which occur within my family history, it has been my intention to include more information about these and that opportunity has now presented itself. The first of these surnames is Wilton follow this link for more information. A series of documents relating to the names LeVaux and Vaux, including some letters can be seen here.

Follow this link to check out some notes from my most recent research trip. I will expand on this page with much more information covering notes from my various research trips.
               The links below will take you to several document lists. From there to some
               actual copies, with this information you can then draw your own conclusions.

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List of IGI entries for Vaugh worldwide

List of IGI entries for the name Wilton from Ireland

Information received from the Leitrim Heritage Centre in County Leitrim concerning the surname Vaugh

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Edward Frazer Grant of Arms Lands occupied by Frazers Coroners Inquest Sophia Vaugh
A collection of information relating to Vaux
Wlton information North Irish Horse history South Irish Horse history

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