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Doc  Full name            Where    Year   My reference    Notes
W01 Wilton      Vaugh    Leitrim   1925 W WI164 1846B                    
W02 George      Vaugh    Leitrim   1884 W GE161 1814C See admon file +Will                       
W03 George      Vaugh    Bangor    1925 A GE169 1856B                        
W04 Mary        Vaugh    Dublin    1938 W MA167 1853B                        
W05 Francis     Vaugh    Dublin    1948 W FA172 1898B                        
W06 Walter      Vaugh    Bangor    1952 A WA177 1892B See admon file        
W07 Margaret    Vaugh    Dublin    1954 W GE169 1856B See admon file        
W08 Cecil       Vaugh    Dublin    1969 A CE179 1901B See admon file        
W09 Kathleen    Vaugh    Dublin    1970 W FA172 1898B                        
W10 Richard     Vowe               1586 W                                    
W11 Thomas      Vowe               1610 W                                    
W12 Thomas      Vowe               1798 W                                    
W13 George      Vowe               1830 W                                    
W14 Leonard     Vowe               1793 W                                    
W15 Maria       Vowe               1857 W                                   
W16 Elizabeth   Vowe               1872 W                                    
W17 John        Vowe               1872 W                                    
W18 Thomas      Vowe               1878 A             See admon file        
W19 Thomas      Vowe               1786 W             Admon with the will   
W20 Elizabeth   Vow                1742 W                                  
W21 Sarah       Vowe               1900 W                                    
W22 Lizzie      Vaugh    Tuam      1903 W             See admon file+Will 
W23 William     Vaugh              1903 A             See admon file        
W24 Gustavius   Vaugh              1916 A             See admon file
W25 Nicholas    Vore     PCC       1631 W                                    
W26 Daniel      McVaugh  PCC       1766 W                                    
W27 Thomas      Vowe     PCC       1766 W                                    
W28 Launcelot   Baugh    PCC       1792 W                                    
W29 Maria       Vaugh    Tuam      1906 W             See admon file +will                      
W30 WILLIAM     VAUGH    KILKENNY  1944 W                                    
W31 MICHAEL     VAUGH    TUAM      1929 W                                    
W32 DAVID       CATHCART                W             Orig held A.D.Cathcart
W33 MARGARET    CATHCART DUBLIN    1920 W MA170 1919D Admon with the Will
W35 John        Frazer   Worcester 1904 W         See the Frazer will page
W79 Peter       VAUGH    PCC       1742 W  	      Also listed as Peter Waugh

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