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Frazer Lands "

The following information was copied from a document, which is located, and available from the
Society of Genealogists who have a huge library of genealogical information based in the city of London England.
Some of the townland location information given in the list below is incorrect.
There is a copy of a another document relating to Frazers here.

Just to be clear, the information below was a double page, written, who knows when
or where and based upon who knows what factual or fictional work!


    Frazer properties in Leitrim, Sligo and Roscommon from the late 17th century onwards. Now very little
    remaining and most of the branches extinct and scattered.
    Frizell Castle. First known property, site unknown, but probably near Lough Key, Co Leitrim, or just
    possibly near Edgeworthstown, Co Longford. The Grants to the '49 officers' were in four counties
    only:- Leitrim, Longford, Donegal and Wicklow. There was a very old branch of the Frazers residing
    near Edgeworthstown in the 18th century:- believed to be the same stock as our Leitrim family.


Hill of Rathen.
Church Hill.


Near Lough Key. (House of my GGGGG Grandfather & his Son & grandson)
Co Roscommon. (GGGG Uncle James lands)
Near Ballyfarnan, Co Leitrim, See Frazers of Annagh House. descendants of James of Cleragh
Co Sligo
Co Sligo
Co Leitrim
Co Sligo
Lough Key
Co Sligo
Co Leitrim Roscommon.
Lough Key Co Leitrim
Lough Key Co Leitrim
Co Leitrim
Co Leitrim Roscommon.
or 'Daleview' Originally a LITTLE property, but came to my Grandfather, Archibald Frazer, with his marriage to Fanny LITTLE.
or 'Oldbrook' Co Leitrim. Home of my GG Grandfather, G Grandfather, and Grandfather.
Co Sligo. Where the descendants of my GGGG Uncle James of Cleragh are still living (1955) i.e. Maj: Edward Frazer
Co Roscommon. Property of Patrick Frazer.

        Town and Lands of Rover. Co Sligo.

        There were other lands but I do not know the names.

Our family I supposed traditionally to have descent from some family of Aberdeenshire Frazers through
, but this link has never been discovered as the early papers were mostly burnt in the 1711
fire as Dublin Castle Record office. Our main traditions are decidedly those of Ayrshire and the Knock
branch of Lovat origin. I have a Knock pedigree (in brief) from circa 1400 to circa 1645, but the latte
part is very imperfect as the disturbances of the civil war played havoc with the family fortunes they were
strongly Royalist in a fiercely Covenanting district. James the 11th Laird fled to Ireland having been
accused of 'Malignancy' with Montrose.

Edward, Adam and Hugh Frizell or Fraser come in apparently as younger sons before this time, they
were violently Royalist in their sympathies and are the 'three brothers' who gained us our original Irish
Lands. The Ayrshire parish records are now all destroyed - except for one page of the period still
existing in Edinburgh.

The Knock family could hardly help being Royalists as they had intermarried with the Lennox Stewarts,
and had received many of their Ayrshire lands from the Stewart Kings. The Knock pedigree - or the
scraps remaining of it - are of no value as records as they can never now be checked by any present
reference, but my ancestors took the Knock history and traditions with them to Ireland, and indeed
were the only Fraser Royalists of intensity and note of the Civil War period. It is true that the Lord
Saltoun of the time fought at Worcester, but he had nothing to do with our Irish family. Other Stewart
adherents in the general Fraser history in Scotland were of much later date, i.e., during the '15 and '45
Rebellions, by which time my family had been long established in Co Leitrim and district.

In all records available in Ireland about settlements and properties, all Frasers, Frizells and Frazers
mentioned came, and appear to have come from Ayrshire.

There are two exceptions. The Queen's Co Frazers, of PARK, des: from a George ffrissell, believe
they have an Aberdeenshire origin - untraceable. See? FRASER of PARK. (Irish)

The old FRIZELLS of Kevin's Castle. Co Wicklow, have much the same traditions as ourselves,
but the last (known) male, - General Frizell, died in Jersey a few years ago. There is no known
evidence to link them with our own Leitrim family. Although our traditions are a little similar.

 (Ed ! This note was hand written at the end of this paper)
NB I have no idea what we should be called, Frazer of Aughnifinegan? Frazer of Shanniwilly?

My father practised in Riverstown for 25 years, but we never had any land there and it was
not a family ???  (ED ! can't make out the last word)

Now the above note, does indeed give us a clue as to who wrote the original, it seems to be Mabel sister
to Edward H FRAZER for it was her father Edward King FRAZER who was a doctor of medicine practising
in Riverstown Co Sligo and her grandfather was Archibald Frazer.

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