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           Frazer family information       "Frazer Grant "

The following information was copied from a document, which is located, and available from the
Society of Genealogists who have a huge library of genealogical information based in the city of
London England. There is a copy of a another document relating to Frazers here.

Do or may concern, WE, Sir Thomas Innes of Learney, Knight Commander
Of the Royal Victorian Order, Baron of Learney, Kinnardy and
Yeochrie, Advocate, Lord Lyon King of Arms Send greeting,
Whereas, EDWARD HASLETT FRAZER, Esquire, Doctor of Medicine of the
University of Trinity Dublin, residing at 231 Macquarrie Street,
Sydney in the State of New South Wales, Australia, having by Petition
Unto Us of date 22nd of January 1952 Shewn: THAT he, the Petitioner
Was born on the 22nd of July 1900, and is the only son of Edward
King Frazer, Doctor of Medicine, Riverstown, in the County of Sligo
In Ireland, and his wife, Sara Maud, daughter of Samuel Torrens
Haslett C.M.S. of Foyleview Park in Co Derry, and his wife Mary,
Daughter of Joseph Robinson: THAT the petitioner’s father, the said
Edward King Frazer, born 16th August 1866, died September 1919, was the
Third son of Archibald Frazer of Shaniwilly, (otherwise Oldbrook), in
County Leitrim and his wife Fanny, daughter of Edward King Little, of
Daleview in the said County, and his wife Margaret Wilton: (I now know this information to be incorrect, he married Mar 1837 Eliza Wilton b 1807 . Dec 1999 ED) THAT the
Petitioner’s grandfather, the said Archibald Frazer, born 7th August,
1838, was the third son leaving issue, of was the eldest son of
Alexander Frazer of Shaniwilly and his wife, (married 1834) Mary
Hamilton. That the said Alexander Frazer born 1806, was the third
Son leaving issue, of Archibald Frazer and his wife Ann Stinson,
Which Archibald Frazer was forth son of Archibald Frazer of Cleragh and
A-ughifinegan, born 1690, who appears to have been son of certain
Frazers, alias Frizells, namely Edward, Adam and Hugh, who as
Royalists emigrated to Ireland following incidents in opposition to
the Kirk and Covenant in the Burgh of Irvine in Ayrshire, younger
brothers of Robert Frazer of Knock, sometime apparent of Knock, and
his wife Mary Hamilton, relict of William Glen of Barr: AND the
Petitioner having prayed that such Ensigns Armorial might be granted
Unto him as might be found suitable and according to the laws of
Arms, KNOW YE THEREFORE, that We have devised, and Do by These
Presents Assign Ratify and Conform unto the Petitioner and his heirs,
And unto the other descendants of his great – great – great – great
Grandfather, Archibald Frazer of Cleragh and Auhhnifinegan, with
such due and congruent differences as may hereafter be severally
matriculated for them, the following Ensigns Armorial, as depicted
upon the margin hereof, and matriculated of even date with These
Presents upon the 148th page of the Thirty-eighth Volume of our
Public Register of ALL Arms and Bearings in Scotland, videlicet: -
Azure, on a Fess between three cinquefoils, two and one, accompanied
by a Rose in Chief Argent, barbed and sealed Vert, a trefoil
slipped of the third, between two martlets Sable, a bordure per
pale, dexter engrailed ules. Sinister Or: Above the shield is
placed N Helmet befitting his degree, with a mantling Azure
doubled Argent, and on a wreath of liveries is set for Crest
a demi-stag proper attired Azure, playing a set of bagpipes proper,
and bag Azure, semee of cinqufoils Argent, and in an Escrol over the
same, this Motto, "JE SUIS PREST AUSSI"; by demonstration of which
Ensigns Armorial, Insignia of Nobility, he, and his successors in the
Same, are amongst all Nobles, and in all places of honour, to be
taken and accounted numbered, and accounted and received as Nobles
in the N-oblesse of Scotland: IN TESTIMONY WHEREAS We have
subscribed These Presents, and the Seal of Our Office is affixed
hereto at Edinburgh, this Eleventh day of March in the First Year
of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Elizabeth the Second, by the
Grace of God, of Great Britain and Ireland and the British Dominion
Beyond the Seas, QUEEN, Defender of the Faith, Etcetera, and in
The Year of Our Lord, One thousand, nine hundred and fifty-two.

Signed. Thomas Innes of Lerney.


































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