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The following document is a transcription of three pages in which are housed at the National Archive Dublin. Page one and two are a form, front and back, page three also a form.

Transcript of a copy of an Irish Crown office document

Crown Office Document, Coroners Inquest's. For County Roscommon April 1885
Ireland Public Record office Reference IC 64 65.
Summer 1885, Roscommon, No 2 Inquest on the body of Sophia Vaugh J J Burke Coroner.

(note :- an denotes the end of a line in the original text)

 Page one, a printed form with hand written sections,

 County of Roscommon, To wit, An inquisition indented taken for our Sovereign Lady the Queen at the house of William VAUGH in the parish of Kilkeevan, Barony of Castlerea and County of Roscommon, on the 21 day of April 1885 pm before J J Burke Esquire, one of Her Majesty's Coroners for said County, on view of the body of Sophia VAUGH, late of Drimdoolan, in said County, then and there lying dead before me and the jury herinafter named.


1 David M Stewart 4 10 John   Kearney 4
2 Peter   Fain 4 11 Henry   Glover 4
3 Joseph   Dally 4 12 Denis   McDonough 4
4 William M Hacthan 4 13 Edward J McDermott 4
5 Charles   Carrol 4 14 Patrick   Flynn 4
6 John   Longsdale 4 15        
7 Francis   Phelan 4 16        
8 George   Dillon 4 17        
9 John   Mulhern 4 18        

Who being duly empowereed, sworn, and charged on their Oaths, do say and Present that the death of aforesaid Sophia VAUGH was caused by strangulation she having suspended herself with a mufler round the neck from a portion of the bed stead whilst in a state of temporary insanity in her own house in Cloontrask in the Parish of Kilkeeven Barony of Castlerea and County of Roscommon on the 20th day of April 1885 pm.

 In witness whereof, as well the said Coroner as the Jurors aforesaid have Set and Subscribed their Hands and Seals the day and year first and above-named. 

1 - Foreman (Seal) David M Stewart 10 (Seal) John   Kearney
2 (Seal) Peter   Fain 11 (Seal) Henry   Glover
3 (Seal) Joseph   Dally 12 (Seal) Denis   McDonough
4 (Seal) William M Hacthan 13 (Seal) Edward J McDermott
5 (Seal) Charles   Carrol 14 (Seal) Patrick   Flynn
6 (Seal) John   Longsdale 15 (Seal)      
7 (Seal) Francis   Phelan 16 (Seal)      
8 (Seal) George   Dillon 17 (Seal)      
9 (Seal) John   Mulhern 18 (Seal)      


James J BURKE Coroner for said County 


 Page two, which is the back of the previous page, has a list of names and I presume that these people gave evidence at the inquest. They are :-

George VAUGH
William VAUGH
Bridget VAUGH

(This list is useful as it confirms that there were two ladies, Lizey and Eliza, whom I thought were one.)

 Page three 

This page is a transcript of an affidavit from Margaret VAUGH the mother of Sophia VAUGH. It takes the form of a printed form with space for the persons writing below.


to wit, _____________________________taken and indented
before J. J. BURKE, Esq, one of Her Majesty's Coroners for said County on behalf of Our
Soverign Lady, the Queen, at the house of William VAUGH
on the 20th day of April Touching the death of Sophia VAUGH

I identified the body of deceased as the
body of the late Sophia VAUGH. She
was my daughter and was married
about fifteen months, She returned
to my house about three months after
her marriage since then she remained
with me and another daughter of
mine untill about three weeks ago
when she and I returned here. I saw
her last alive about three o'clock yes-
terday she appeared to be in her
usual health. I did not she her again untill
I saw her dead about four o'clock P.M

(sig) Margaret VAUGH

(sig) James J BURKE Coroner

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