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  This is another will that I have had for a considerable time. My Aunts from Bangor requested a copy of Wilton Vaugh's will, when this arrived there was a note asking if they would also like a copy of this one as well. The rest as they say is history. Using this will in conjunction with several of the deeds, also available via this site, many family links were made.


The Will of George Vaugh. Dated 8th January 1884

  1.   I George Vaugh of Leitrim in the County of Leitrim farmer dealer
  2.   declare this to be my last will. I hereby revoke all wills and testamentary
  3.   dispositions heretoforth made by me. I bequeath to my wife Margaret Vaugh
  4.   all rents that may be due to me at the time of my decease. I bequeath to
  5.   each of my four daughters Leah Sophia Margaret and Mary Vaugh the
  6.   sum of twenty five pounds same to be paid out of the sum of one hundred
  7.   pounds now due to me by the Post Office. I also bequeath to each of them
  8.   the sum of fifty pounds to be realised by the sale of my cattle I may
  9.   die possessed of. I desire and bequeath to my son George John Vaugh
  10.   the two houses in the townland of Tullyannon lately built by me one in the
  11.   occupation of Charles Taylor the other lately in the occupation of Peter Herney
  12.   and now vacant, also one acre three roods and nine perches of the land
  13.   of Leitrim now in my possession all which I hold in fee simple and also
  14.   my dwelling house and premises and three acres of land in Leitrim un-
  15.   till he shall become bankrupt or assign charge or incumber or attempt
  16.   to a forign charge or incumber & the same or any part thereof in which event
  17.   or events same shall become vested in the wife of the said George John
  18.   Vaugh during her life without power of anticipation and after her decease
  19.   same shall go to the eldest son of the said George John Vaugh and in the
  20.   event of their being no son then among the daughter or daughters
  21.   of the said George John Vaugh theirs and theirs alike and in the event of
  22.   their being no lawful issue then to the right heir of the said George John
  23.   Vaugh. I appoint my wife Margaret Vaugh residuary legatee and
  24.   and I appoint William Irwin of Leitrim executor of this my last will in
  25.   witness whereof I have hereunto written my name this 8th day of
  26.   January one thousand eight hundred and eighty four.
  27.   Signed by the said testator in our
  28.   presence and in the presence of each                       (signed)   George Vaugh
  29.   other all being present at the same time
  30.   William Irwin of Leitrim
  31.   McKeown sol. Carrick on Shannon.
  32.   probate of the forgoing will was granted on 26th day of March 1884
  33.   at the district registry office Cavan to William Irwin of Leitrim
  34.   Carrick on Shannon said County Gentleman the sole
  35.   Named in the said will. Gross amount of goods 361-0-0
  36.                                       Theophilus Thompson


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