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My ref W33

The will of............ Margaret CATHCART  (Margeret was a sister of Wilton VAUGH ed)

National Archives Dublin Ref :-

The will of Margaret CATHCART of Drumshambo, dated 16th April 1897

Died 30th April 1919, (sig) William Geo CATHCART (sig) S.M. HUGGARD.

This is the last will and testament of me Margaret CATHCART of Drumbshambo, in the County of Leitrim made this sixteenth day of April in the year of our lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety Seven. I hereby revoke all will by me at any time hereto fore made. I appoint Wilton VAUGH of Leitrim to be my executor and I direct that all my just debts and funeral and testamentary expenses shall be paid as soon as possible after my decease. I hereby give and bequeath unto my brother Wilton VAUGH of Leitrim in trust for my son William CATHCART all the property of every kind whatsoever that I may die possessed of at my decease including cash in hand house property furniture and investments of every kind to be paid to my son William CATHCART. On his reaching the age of Thirty years or at any earlier age if my brother Wilton VAUGH thinks it may be for his advantage to do so.

John J BLACK (sig) Margaret CATHCART (sig) Mary VAUGH (sig)

This next piece was a printed sheet filled out as appropriate entitled.

In the goods of Margaret CATHCART late of Drumbshambo in the County of Leitrim widow deceased. Whereas Margaret CATHCART late of Drumshambo in the County of Leitrim deceased, died on the 30th day of April 1919 at Drumshambo aforesaid in the County of Leitrim and whereas she made and duly executed this will bearing date the 16th day of April 1897 and thereof appointed Wilton VAUGH of Leitrim executor.

Now I the said Wilton VAUGH (sig) aged 21 years and upward do have by declaration that I have not intermeddled with the personal estate of the said deceased, and will not hereafter inter meddle therin, with the intent to defraud creditors and I hereby expressly renounce all my right to probate of the said will or to letters of administration with the said will annexed to the personnel estate of the said deceased.

In witness I have set my hand this 26th day of November 1919. Signed and delivered by the said Wilton VAUGH (sig) Dromahair. In the presence of J.J GILLIAN A commissioned for oaths.

This next piece was a printed sheet filled out as appropriate entitled.

William George Cathcart of Drumbrughas Lisnaskey in the County of Fermanagh Farmer, John NOBLE of Drumcunny in said County Farmer and Elizabeth Mary NOBLE of Drumcunny aforesaid Widow + Farmer..

Signed 29th Nov 1919

Declaration etc.

William George CATHCART (sig ) (seal)

John NOBLE (sig) (seal)

Elizabeth Mary NOBLE (sig) (seal)

This next piece was a printed sheet filled out as appropriate entitled.

In goods of Margaret CATHCART . We John NOBLE of Drumcunny Lisnaskey Co Fermanagh Farmer and Elizabeth Mary NOBLE of Drumcunny Farmer + Widow.

On behalf of William George CATHCART.

John NOBLE worth 14,405

Elizabeth Mary NOBLE worth 14,405

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