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Admon / Will entries

This information was taken from the UK (L) and Dublin (D) Probate Registry will / admon indexes. Some entries will appear twice, where effects were owned in both the UK and Ireland, an example of this can be seen in W04 Mary VAUGH. Administrations have been resealed, where the subject became entitled to a legacy after their death. This accounts for the extra entries, see W03 George John VAUGH

W01   1927   (L)
VAUGH Wilton of Abbeyview House Dromahair, County Leitrim Died 16th Oct 1925, Probate LONDON 15th November to Francis La Touche VAUGH Company director and David CLARK, Commissioner for oaths. Effects 60,233 18s 10d in ENGLAND

W02   1884   (D)
VAUGH George effects 361 26 Mar The will of George VAUGH late of Leitrim County Leitrim Farmaer who died 12 Mar 1884 at same place was proved at CAVAN by William Irwin of Leitrim Carrick on Shannon in said County Gentleman the sole executor.

W03   1925   (L)
VAUGH George John of 34 Springfield Road, Bangor County Down Died 15th January 1925. Administration BELFAST to Margaret Little Vaugh Widow Effects 7278  11s 3d in England. Sealed LONDON 30th November 1925

W03   1925   (D)
VAUGH George J 30 Oct 1925 Adminstration of the estate of Goerge John VAUGH late of 34 Summerfield Road Bangor County Down Retired farmer who died 15 Jan 1925 granted at DUBLIN to Margaret L Vaugh widow effects 744 5s 0d

W03   1955   (L)
VAUGH George John of 34 Springfield Road, Bangor County Down NORTHERN IRELAND Died 15th January 1925. Administration LONDON 7th February To Cecil George VAUGH. Former grant NORTHERN IRELAND 23rd November 1925 Resealed LONDON 30th November 1925

W04   1937   (L)
VAUGH Mary of 30 Moyne Road Rathmines, Dublin spinster. Died 5th May 1937 Probate LONDON 30th November to Arthur McWilliams. Farmer. Effects 1028 17s 2d

W04 1937   (D)
VAUGH Mary (1043) 12 October probate of the will of Mary VAUGH late of 30 Moyne Road RATHMINES Dublin Spinster who died 5 May 1937 Granted at DUBLIN to Arthur McWILLIAM Farmer effects 349-17s-0d

W05   1948   (L)
Francis La Touche VAUGH of Killyreagh Tamlaght ENNISLILLEN Died 3rd August 1947 probate LONDON 21st April to Arthur James BEATY And Sydney MATTHEW'S Solicitors Effects 166650 2s 11d in England

W06   1952   (L)
VAUGH Walter John of 34 Springfield Road, Bangor county Down, Died 13th October 1951 at St Michaels Hospital Dun Laogharie, Administration BELFAST to Cecil George VAUGH Farmer. Effects 5842 0s 8d in England Sealed in LONDON 27 November

W06   1970   (L)
VAUGH Walter John of 34 Springfield Road, Bangor, county DOWN. Died 13th October 1951. Administration BELFAST. 431 in England, Sealed LONDON 8th May. Former grant Sealed LONDON 27th November 1952

W07   1954   (L)
VAUGH Margaret Little of Brandon Kill-Lane, Foxrock, county DUBLIN Widow who died 25th September 1953. Probate BELFAST to Ulster Bank Limited & Cecil George VAUGH Farmer. 7467 4s in England sealed LONDON 15th June

W08   1969   (L)
VAUGH Cecil George of Millbrook House, Boyle, county ROSCOMMON Died 2nd March 1966. Administration LONDON 8th December. 161 in England

W09   1970   (L)
VAUGH Kathleen Sarah of 1 Cunningham Road, Dalkey, county DUBLIN Died 18th April 1970. Probate LONDON 30th September, 46113 in England

W22   1903   (D)
VAUGH Lizzie 12th March. Probate of will of Lizzie VAUGH. Late of Drimdoolin Castlerea, Co Roscommon, spinster died 26th December 1902 granted at TUAM to the Reverend Canon Richard J FORD clerk & Owen Wallen O’Grady YOUNG Esquire. Effects 93 10s 0d

W23   1903   (D)
VAUGH William 20th June. Administration of the estate of William VAUGH late of Drimdoolin, Castlerea Co Roscommon farmer died 21st November 1902 granted at TUAM to William VAUGH (Junior) farmer and land steward Effects 1,397 15s 6d

W24   1916   (D)
VAUGH Gustavius 3rd June. Administration of the estate of Gustavius VAUGH late of Dromamore Co Leitrim farmer who died 20th May 1896 granted at CAVEN to Hannah J VAUGH the widow. Effects 120

W29   1903   (D)
VAUGH Maria 19 Jan Probate of will of Maria VAUGH late of Ballycumber kings County spinster who died 20 Dec1904 granted at DUBLIN to O WO'Grady Young Clark Petty Sessions effects 442 19s 10d

1926   (D)
VAUGH Hannah Jane (110) 4 October Probate of the will of Hannah Jane VAUGH. Late of Dromod County LEITRIM Widow. Who died 26 August 1926 granted at CAVAN to Henry GREENLAND Farmer Effects 265-6s-9d

1929   (D)
VAUGH Michael (95) 5 July Probate of the will of Michael VAUGH late of Cloontrask Castlerea County ROSCOMMON Farmer who died 29 March 1929 granted at TUAM to Jane VAUGH the widow & Patrick O'CONNOR farmer effects 340--10s-0d

1935   (D)
VAUGH George (460) 19 June Administration of the estate of George VAUGH late of LISSERDREA County ROCSOMMON Labourer who died 10 March 1935 granted at DUBLIN to James VAUGH farmer effects 261-0s-0d

The following information relates to VAUGH and came from the PRO Dublin

Pre 1858 indexes checked.

TUAM 1648 - 1858 vol xx 54 (none found) Elphin 1650 - 1858 vol xx 46 (none found)

Index to Prerogrative Grants vol 3/5 one found

Vol xx 34 CLOGHER District Registry ARMAGH
VAUGH Abraham Gillagh(?) Co Fermanagh 179011

From, Prerogrative Wills 1811 - 1858. 1 found VAUGH George Dealfield Co Roscommon 1837

From Unknown Wills P.R. 1858 - 1898
VAUGH Launcelot. Lismore Lodge Co LEITRIM (will) No 4993 Loged 12 Feb 1873 The original has been destroyed

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