Riverstown church Aug 2000

This photograph taken on the 13th Aug 2000 shows the Riverstown Church of Ireland, parish of Taunagh church. This was the venue for a dedication service for the new east window. See my notes here for a fuller description. My family have two links with this church, the first is through Doctor Edward King Frazer of Riverstown. Sarah Maud Haslett, his first wife died in 1909 and is buried in the only marked plot within the church grounds. Dr Edward King Frazer is the brother of Margaret Little Frazer, my great grand mother. They are children of Archibald Frazer and Francis Little. See this Frazer grant for more details.

The second link with this church comes from the new east window.
Wilton Vaugh who died in October 1925, had a magnificent piece of stained glass commissioned by his son Francis la Touche Vaugh and created by AE Child installed to his memory in Toomna church Co Roscommon. See this picture for the interior of Toomna and this one for the window in it's former glory.
The window has been removed from it's former home in Toomna church. This was due in part to the fact that Toomna church has been the victim of continual vandalism and the safety of the window was in question. For a glimpse at Toomna now click here. It is now safely installed in Riverstown and I do hope it's new family will take great pleasure from its beauty.

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Doug Vaugh, England  22 August 2000