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             . Dublin March 2012  

Well, it's only been nigh on ten years since my last research trip to Dublin so I thought it's high time I undertook another. My reasons were quite simple, I'd been in contact with a distant cousin and he managed to fire up my dimmed interest in the Frazer line of my family. My links with the Frazer's stems from my great grandmother Margaret Little FRAZER who married George John VAUGH at Toomna Church on 6th Jun 1888. The purpose of the trip was to establish just what evidence was still available for our common FRAZER line and hopefully confirm the authenticity of some of the FRAZER information that had come into my possession from my Aunt's in Ireland.

So, we took the coach across the water to Dublin, landed Wednesday morning and I mean 'morning' after a very early breakfast we set off for the Registry of Deeds and started to go through the indexes looking for FRAZER's FRASER's and the odd FRIZZELL. The idea being to cover all entries up to around 1820, some of them can be found listed here. Sadly we only managed to find a couple of deeds of any relevance to our distant ancestors. The first came moments after I'd said all we need is to find one named to an Archibald and I did, at the top of the page listed under FRASER was the following short entry. Arch as the grantee with PEYTON & Others as the grantor, volume 352, page 88 and entry 236750. I'll transcribe the full deed in due course but for now all I have to say is this:

Page 88 is missing from the volume!! but the main part of the deed can be found starting on page 89, it reads as follows;

Twenty third day of September in the year of our Lord God one thousand seven hundred and Eighty Between Arch (Archibald) FRAZER of Aughnasorn in the Parish of Killbryan and County of Roscommon of the one part, Gent James FRAZER Father to the said Arch FRAZER and Patt (Patrick, not Batt!) and Michael FRAZER younger sons to the said James FRAZER of the aforesaid place of the other part, and James PEYTON and Catherine PEYTON Daughter of the said James PEYTON of Cartron in the Parish of Arhaina and County aforesaid Gent of the third part, whereby a Marriage is shortly Intended to be had and solemnized between the said Arch FRAZER and the said Catherine PEYTON. See here for a full transcription R56

So a marriage settlement giving some nice family details and confirming some of the line we were looking for, though not our direct ancestors still a great discovery. The second deed was another marriage settlement, also belonging to this line. This one had two entries one under FRAZER and one under McDERMOTROE with French as the grantee, the reference for this one is volume 579 page 148 and entry 389051. Again a short piece giving the main names some places and dates:

To the Regt (register) Appd (appointed) by act of Part (parliament) for Reg (registering) of deeds wills and Soforth A meml (memorial) of an indented deed of Marre (marriage) Settlement bearing date the 17th day of Octr (October) 1805 and made Between French McDERMOTROE Eldest son of Thos McDERMOTROE of Aldenfind (?) in the County of Roscommon Esq of the one part and Archid (Archibald) FRAZER and Cathe (Catherine) Fitzgerald FRAZER second daughter of the sd Archid FRAZER of Tullinure in the Barony of Tyune (?) (I think it's Tullynure Tirerrill) Coy of Sligo Esq of the other part Reciting that a marriage was intended to be had and solemnized between the SD French McDERMOTROE and SD Cathe Fitzgerald FRAZER See here for a full transcription R57

Again a nice marriage settlement giving details of the two parties and some extended family, also placing them in the landscape with the mention of the townlands, albeit with slightly different spellings to what we're used to.

On day two, Wednesday we set off for the Anglican Representative Church Body Library located near Mount Carmel Hospital and is also on Braemor Park just off Braemor Road, Churchtown, Dublin.
Here we consulted the original parish registers for three areas of interest. From County Roscommon, parish of Eastersnow (P734) covering Baptisms 1800-1902, Marriages 1803-1877, and Burials 1808-1886. Parish of Boyle (P0840) Baptisms, 1793-1897, Marriages 1793-1956, and Burials 1793-1872. For County Sligo we looked at the parish of Kilmactranny (P932) Baptisms 1817-1919, Marriages 1817-1954, and Burials 1817-2004.

We were checking over information we already had but needed to prove and were also looking for new entries relative to our family lines. I was also looking for Boyd, Shivnan (plus variants), Cathcart and Vaugh entries. We confirmed all the entries we had and found a few more within the registers. I was able to also add a few Boyd entries to my existing list. It was quite a novelty to handle the original registers. According to one of the librarians there are no indexes to these registers so a visit is the library is the only way to discover your ancestors.

The afternoon was spent back at the registry of deeds going through more indexes and looking for additional names other than the FRAZER ones we had previously searched for. The names were as follows:

Charles ISDELL, 1817, checked 1816 - 1818, no relevant entry found.
Edward KNOTT, 1818, checked 1825 - 1827 and 1828 - 1832, no relevant entry found.
Catherine PARKER, 1828, checked 1825 - 1827, no relevant entry found.
HAMILTON, 1834, checked 1833 - 1838, no relevant entry found.
John HAZZARD, 1824, checked 1822 - 1824, no relevant entry found.
LACY, checked 1822 - 1824, no relevant entry found.
Thomas and Mary KIRKWOOD, 1839, checked 1833 - 1839 and 1840 - 1849, no relevant entry found.
McDERMOTROE, 1805, checked 1800 - 1809 and found one, volume 579 page 148 and entry 389051, shown above.

Our final day was spent at the Public Record Office at Bishop Street, looking for more evidence of FRAZER pedigrees. There are some card indexes available, far too many to list here and lots of will and administration books on the shelves and we spent a great deal of time searching these. We were also able to locate a few original wills, mostly from the Thrift card index but one or two from Benthams. One of the original wills we located relates to the McDERMOTTROE family from the deed noted above. The will belonged to William French McDERMOTTROE and had been proved on the 8th April 1864. He was basically leaving his estate, Alderford House near Boyle County Roscommon, to his eldest son Thomas Charles McDERMOTTROE. He names his sisters Margaret SWIFT, Catherine THOMSON and Cecilia THOMSON and his friends Mrs William FRAZER and Mrs Edward FRAZER and his uncle Edward FRAZER, so all in all quite a lot of information. The will itself had survived because it had been kept at a solicitors office since 1864 and was deposited at the PRO on 4th March 1935. This is nearly always the case with surviving pre 1922 wills, the majority having been burnt during the fire that occurred in the civil war action at the Four Courts on the 28th June 1922.

Additionally at the PRO we looked at the marriage licence bonds index books for the diocese of Elphin. I shall transcribe those in due course and provide a list for the various surnames we looked at. Suffice to say they made interesting reading, though only giving scant information it was a revelation in some areas. By way of example here are a few entries:

FRAZER ...... Alicia ......... and John HART ......................... 1813
FRAZER ...... Andrew ..... and Margaret ROYCRAFT ........ 1827
FRAZER ...... Anne ......... and Wm WHITE ........................ 1821
FRAZER ...... Archibald ... and Catherine KNOTT .............. 1829
FRAZER ...... Archibald ... and Catherine PEYTON ............ 1780

I was particularly taken with a couple of entries I'd found on a previous visit,

WAUGH .......... Arnott .......... and Mary CONLAN .......... 1834
VOUGH ........... Margaret A .. and John GRAY ................. 1813

I'd love to know just how they relate to my family. I know the Margaret Alicia VAUGH (VOUGH) was the daughter of George VAUGH who features in my family and the John GRAY was I believe a solicitor or articled clerk who may well be mentioned in some of the FRAZER deeds.

Of course the trip was all over far too quikly and there is a lot more work to be done unravelling the various trails we discovered, I'll be back there before the month is out and hopefully will be able to discover more details to add to our family trees.

            Doug Vaugh, England 13th March 2012                                     Mail me Doug Vaugh