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Some of the earliest genealogical information that I was given related to the Frazer name. Most of this information was, so I'd been told, collected by a cousin of my grandfather called Mabel Francs Isobel Frazer. She was she daughter of Dr Edward Frazer and his wife Sarah Haslett. She was married to Arthur Randel Bailey he died in Aug 1964. Her second marriage was to Oscar Owen Curtis in 1939 and it is as Mabel Curtis that she was known. It was Mabel who researched the genealogy of her family name for the grant of arms seen here.

It would seem on the face of Mabel's information that I can count many of the early Frazer's as my ancestors. I had attempted to track down Mabel's family, some of whom reside here in England and thanks to contact from another Frazer relative we were succesfull. For now I will follow the pattern of the rest of my site and provide links to various lists and trancripts of original documents still available. Mostly wills and deeds, several pictures of Frazers can already be seen on my pictures pages.







The following links will take you to Frazer related information
Grant of arms, Edward Frazer 1962
Lands owned by Frazer's
Frazer wills from England and Ireland
Ardcarn Church Co ROS
Frazer deed index

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