Kilmore cathedral with Wilton, Doug, Matt and Hugh Vaugh

The above photograph of Kilmore Cathdral in Co Cavan Eire, was taken on the 14th August 2000
The Vaugh "boys" from the left, (Cecil) Wilton, Douglas, Matthew and Hugh are sat on the grave of John & Margaret Wilton of the Flatts Co Cavan. Their daughter Margaret, Christened in Kilmore 7th March 1813, married George Vaugh of Bellinaboy Co Leitrim, in Kilmore on the 17th May 1844, see the deed here for more information.
I'm sure they would be pleased to know they are remembered by their great great grand son, their GGG grand sons and Matthew their GGGG grand son. This is through the Wilton and Vaugh lines. Of course through the Frazer line Matthew is a GGG grand son but that is another story altogether. See the Wilton family tree here to have a line drawing of a Wilton family tree and perhaps a clearer picture of our double relationship.

Kilmore is perhaps best remembered for the link with bishop William Beadle 1571 - 1642, under who's patronage the bible was translated into Irish and is buried just to the right of us in the photograph.

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Doug Vaugh, England  22 August 2000