Frank La Touche Vaugh     (27K)

This photo shows Frank La Touche VAUGH son of Wilton and Susan VAUGH. Born 16th Apr 1889 died 3rd Aug 1947. I have another picture of Frank here
Through the knowledge of Hugh my brother, the uniform has been identified as that of the South Irish Horse.

The South Irish Horse started the war as a Special reserve cavalry regiment expanding during the war to become two seperate regiments, the 1st and 2nd South Irish Horse. For much more information please follow this link and the one below for detailed information concerning the 16th (Irish) Division.

Battalions of the 16th (Irish) Division This page along with several others has been  provided by Seamus H K.

All of this came to light when we realized that the shamrock badge was really the only one of it's kind in use by a unit of the British Army. The collar badge and the one worn on Frank's side cap are of the same design, this is apparent using a magnifying glass on the original photo.

I need to do some work at Kew, with the movement orders for this battalion to try and establish where this photograph was taken. The relevant papers might also throw some light on Frank's hitherto unknown involvement with the British Army.

His  brother Gordon is proving to be a bit of a mystery see this page for the latest information on Gordon.


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Doug Vaugh, England 14th January 2000