Edward King Little, Archibald, James and Edward King Frazer



Loving Memory
Edward King Little
Who died 29th April 1894
Aged 86 Years
And Elizabeth his wife
Who died 25th May 1891
Aged 81 Years
Archibald Frazer
Who died 22nd September 1909
Aged 71 Years
James H His son
Who died 6th April 1882
Aged 1 Year
Edward King Frazer
Of Riverstown his second son
Who died ? August 1919
Aged ?? Years

The monument above can be found in the grave yard adjecent to Toomna Church in Co Roscommon Eire. Several people are comemorated here, the first Edward King Little is the stern looking gentleman in this photograph. The second is his wife Elizabeth Little formally Wilton.
Archibald Frazer is next he married their daughter Frances Little their son James is next and finally Dr Edward King Frazer of Riverstown. Archibald Frazers wife died in Birmingham England and is buried with their youngest daughter Frances Wilhelmina in Bournemouth, see here.
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Doug Vaugh, England  28th August 2000