Dr Sheridan husband of Sophia Wilton

There is quite a tale behind this photograph, perhaps much the same for all photo's however I am able
to relate the story behind this one. The original is in the possession of my aunt she very wisely wanted
to identify who this fellow was. When she asked her aunt Florence the name of this chap, she replied
"That's aunt Sophia's husband Dr Sheridan". Because aunt Sophia is in fact this lady, sister of Wilton
and George John. She was married to a relative of her's William Vaugh and most definitely not to a
Dr Sheridan, this remained a mystery...... until a phone call on 18th Sep 99 when a distant cousin of
mine called and revealed all, thanks Alan. It turns out that Dr Sheridan is the husband of Mary Wilton,
she was a sister of Margaret Wilton and much more information can be seen in this deed. Now I have
information which gives Mary Wilton as the wife of John Sheridan of the parish of Killyshandra
8th Jan 1834. Her father John Wilton who is also mentioned in the above deed (R05) is the common
ancestor of Alan and myself.

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Doug Vaugh, England 20 April 2000