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County Court Clerk Minutes
MAY 1848 - OCT. 1861

Copied from the TN State Library and Archives
Microfilm Roll #9 by Wilma Gibson

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1 May 1848 (no page #, but at the beginning of the book)

Eppy Lea relinquished guardianship of NANCY ANN GRIFFITH who was now married to RICHARD HUDSON.

11-6-1848 P.33

1-1849 P. 37
JAMES B. JONES Corner, paid $5 for holding an inquest over the body of EPHRAIM GRIFFITH.

6-1849 P. 52
.P.P? F.? VAUGH appointed guardian of DORA E., JOHN H., and EMELINE McCART, minor hiers, of ROBERT McCART.  Top of page

First Monday in July 1849 P. 60.
MASSEY ALLEY is dead. Proven by the oath of LEAH ALLEY. LEAH ALLEY, on the 3rd of April 1849 applied for the pension that was due her husband, for his service to (his country0 during his lifetime. C. H. LAFFELE?? Appointed Adm. of the estated of MASSEY ALLEY.

April Term 1850 P. 87
ESTER SEXTON late of the said county, a Rev. Pensioner, is dead, and that she died 1-23-1850 (and that part of the pension is still due). She left five children: WILLIAM, TIMOTHY, MOSES, AARON AND JOHN SEXTON. She made no disposition by will or otherwise. Jesse Triplett is appointed Adm, of the estate.


JOSIAH PATTON late of said county a Rev. war pensioner is dead, he died 4-27-1849 and that his wife ELIZABETH PATTON of the same place died 1-25-1850. They were both due a remainder of a pension and neither of them having made disposition by will otherwise the court will appoint a special Adm. Of the estate of said decedents.

P. 88-89

ROBERT BUSH presented an instrument in the form of a petition (to wit)
He is the proper owner of REBECCA, a slave for life, about the age of 22, she is his wife and he knowing life is short and death is sure, he wishes her to be free and not become the property of someone else at his death.
Granted by the court.

June 1850 P. 105

REBECCA HOLLOWAY a Rev. War Pensioner is dead. The rate was $40 per annum. She died 5-11-1850 and she left the following children: NANCY, JOSEPH, POLLY AND KASEY HOLLOWAY, REBECCA CLABORN, and ELIZABETH WILLIAMS. There was a remaineder of the pension due REBECCA and having made no disposition by will or otherwise, JESSE TRIPLETT is appointed Adm. of the estate.

August 1850 P.114

WILLIAM HAIZE died without a will and DAVID AND GREEN LEE HATFIELD are appointed Adm. For the estate.
(The name ELIZABETH HATFIELD was marked through and DAVID HATFIELD used.)


Morgan County Court Clerk, G. M. KEITH exhibited in open court a final settlement made by him with W. W. MARGRAVE for SAMUEL MARGRAVE. The estate of JONATHAN DELDINE?? dec.

P. 116

On the peletron (sic) of NANCY Hatfield for partition and to lay off her dower out of the land of JOSEPH HATFIELD dec. On motion of ENCUS HATFIELD Adm..

By the oath of JOHN GREEN AND CASWELL GREEN it is satifactory to the court that ROYAL PRICE SR. Late of Morgan County a Rev. War Pensioner ath the rate of $21.66 oer annum, is dead.
He did 10-3-1846, he was a resident of Morgan County TN. He left no widow but left the following heirs (viz) POLLY GREEN, NANCY HOWARD, ZACHARIAH PRICE, ICHABOD L. PRICE, RYAL PRICE AND WEST W. PRICE.

Dec. Term 1850 P. 122

RYLE PRICE d. 6-2-1850 no will, no heir listed, PHILLIP WHITE appointed adm. Of the estate.

Jan term 1851 P, 132

ALFRED J. ANDERSON, an orphan of the age of 14 Feb.. next is bound to MARTIN HURST until he is 21 years of age. He is to learn the trad of farming.

Feb. Term 1851 P. 136-37

Petition of NANCY HATFIELD widow of JOSEPH HATFIELD dec. To have a guardian appointed for the heirs of the said deceased. WILLIAM SUMMERS is appointed guardian of SAMUEL T., JAMES C., and CAROLINE W. HATFIELD.

June Term 1851

Satisfactory evidence has been made to the court of the death of JESSE TRIPLETT, JOHN WHITE is appointed adm. Of all and singular, the good and chattels, rights and credits of said estate.

P.156 Ordered by the court that JOHN GALLOWAY and G. W. KIETH be appointed to lay off and sett(sic) apart a years provinces for REBECCA TRIPLETT widow of JESSE TRIPLETT.

Aug. Term 1851 p 167

Ordered by the court that G. W. KIETH be appointed guardian pendentelite of the heirs of Alexander Ross in the room and stead of JESSE TRIPLETT dec. Who was heretofore appointed for that purpose (viz) MARY ROSS, NANCY ROSS, CAROLINE. MALINDA. ELIZABETH ROSS and JULIAN ROSS.

Sept Term 1851 P.168

Satisfactory evidences has been exhabited to the court that JOHN HOWARD, who was a pensioner or the United States at $20 per annum was a resident of Morgan Co., TN and he died 4-9-1851. He left a widow named Nancy he made no disposition by will or otherwise it is ordered by the court that WILLIAM HOWARD (Nathan Howard had been written, then marked through) special Adm. To receive the remnant of the pension due said decedent from Sept 1850 until his death April 1851.

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