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     OF ME

AMIE ALICE FRAZER of Compton Lodge XXXX Marlborough
Road in the County Borough of Bournemouth Wife of William Frazer
I REVOKE all former testamentary dispositions made by me
I APPOINT the Public Trustee Executor and Trustee therein
after called my Trustee of this my Will
I DESIRE that my funeral shall be carried out with plain and
simple manner and that there shall be no flowers either in or on my coffin
or at my burial
I DIRECT that all my legacies under this my Will shall be free of
legacy duty
I GIVE all my clothing jewellery furniture and other personal
and household effects to my sister Edith Rose Blakemore of Bessington
Cottage Campden Gloucestershire AND I DIRECT her to distribute
the same in such manner as I may set out in any memorandum I
may leave in writing but without XXXX on her any legal obligation
to do so
I GIVE the sum of Twenty five pounds to the British and Foreign
Bible Society of Queen Victoria Street London AND I DECLARE that
the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of the said Society shall be
sufficient discharge to my Trustee for the said legacy
and personal whatsoever and wheresoever I GIVE DEVISE BEQUEATH
AND APPOINT to my Trustee IN TRUST to sell call in and convert
the same into money and after the payment of my funeral and
testamentary expenses legacies and duties thereon TO HOLD the proceeds
thereof IN TRUST for the following persons and in the shares hereinafter
mentioned namely:
To my sister Edith Rose Blakemore Five shares 5
To my brother Arthur Villiers Blakemore Five shares 5
To my sister in law Emmiline Gertrude Blakemore Wife of the
said Arthur Villiers Blakemore Two shares 2
To my niece and nephews (children of my said brother Arthur Villiers Blakemore) namely

To Emmiline Villiers Blakemore Fifteen shares 15
To Richard Villiers Blakemore Five shares 5
To XXXX Villiers Blakemore Five shares 5
To Roselyn XXXX Blakemore Wife of the said Richard Villiers
Blakemore Two shares 2
To my Cousin Lily Besty Wife of James Campbell Besty
only daughter of the late XXXX King Five shares 5
To the daughters of the said Lily Besty namely:
To Mary Besty Five shares 5
To Maud Besty Five shares 5
To my Cousin Raymond XXXX King son of the late
Richard Henry King Ten shares 10
To my Cousin Ethel Maud Bernard Wife of Robert
and daughter of the late John and Mary Pollock
Five shares 5
To my cousins the Granddaughters of the said John and
Mary Pollock namely:
To Ethel XXXX XXXX McArthur Five shares 5
To Florence May XXXX McArthur Five shares 5
To my Cousin Magdalina Inez Bosque-y-Rayes Great
niece of the late Villiers Blakemore Two shares 2
To my Cousin May Little XXXX c/o Mr Rupert
Clark of The XXXX Reading One share 1

Total shares 82

IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand this
Tenth day of October One thousand nine hundred and thirty

Amie Alice Frazer (sig)

SIGNED by the said Amie Alice Frazer as and for her last Will
and Testament in the presence of us both being present at the same
time who in her presence and in the presence of each other have
hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses
JR Mumford
Clerk to Messrs Mooring Herridge XXXX
XXXX Chambers

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