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YEAR 1821 VOL 760 PAGE 252 ENTRY NUMBER 516187

To the registrar appointed by act of parliament for registering deeds conveyances and soforth
A memorial of an indented deed of Separation bearing date the second day of March
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty one and made
by and between William VAUGH of Rockbrook in the Coy of Leitrim Gent of the first
part Anne VAUGH otherwise HOUGHTON his wife of the second part and John DICKSON
of the city of Dublin Gent of the third part Whereby after reciting that divers disputes
and unhappy differences had for some time past arisen between sd Wm and Anne and
that in consequence the said Anne had for some time lived separate and apart from
and sd Wm and Anne had mutually consented and agreed to live separate and apart
from thence forward and recitg that sd Wm VAUGH was then seized and possessed of
The Towns and lands of Mullaghbown Upper and Lower Drumhearney under & by
virtue of leases thereof to him made and that the said Anne as one of the Co Heiresses
of her late father Wm HOUGHTON Esqre deceased was entitled to one undivided fifth
part of the Towns and Lands of Creaghduff Lismorefin & Tullylinmore with there
Sub denominations all situate in the Barony and County of Leitrim and
partition had then lately been made there of and reciting that the said Anne had
consented and agreed to take upon herself the B____th of supporting cloathing
maintaining and educating from thence forward all her unmarried children being
nine in number all begotten by the said William VAUGH and to enable her so to
do the said Wm VAUGH did remise release and for ever quit claim to the said
Annes share or portion of said lands of Creaghduff Lismorefinn and Tullylimnon
and did thereby not only charge the same and the sd lands of Mullaghbown upper
and lower Drumhearny with one annuity or sum of fifty five pounds as and for
the support maintenance and cloathing of the sd Anne and her children and
said Wm did thereby for ever quit claim to all or any property which the said
Anne then had or should thereafter acquire and did covenant not to institute
any suit against her in the ecclesiastical or any other Courts for on acct of her
living apart from him and it was thereby covenanted and agreed that in case
of nonpayment of the said annuity that it should be lawful for the sd John
to distrain for the same and in said deeds are contained other covenants
and agreements and said deed and this memorial are witnessed by Sandys PIERS
of Lisdalkey in the Coy of Leitrim Gent & John LAWDER of Ashfort in the Coy of Roscommon
Atty at law Wm VAUGH (Seal) signed and sealed in presence of Sandys PIERS
the above named Sandys PIERS maketh oath and saith he is a
subscribing witness to and did see the deed whereof the above is a true memorial
and the above memorial duly executed and saith the name Sandys PIERS set and
subscribed as a witness to said deed and this memorial is the depts proper name
and handwriting Sandys PIERS sworn before me this 2d day of March 1821 at
Drumsna in the County of Leitrim by virtue of a commission to me directed for
taking affidavits in said County and I know the dept John BUSH Comr
A true copy. B CANIEN

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