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Mormon film number 0535736

Year 1797 Vol 506 Page 580 Entry 334364

To the Regr appd by act of Parll for Regg Deeds soforth
A mem'l of an indentd Deed of lease bear'g date the third day of March
one thousand seven hund'd and ninety eight made between Ja's BRADOCK of Drum
gragle in the Co of Leitrim and Marg't BRADOCK or'wise ARMSTRONG his wife
of the first part Ja's VAUGH of Leitrim and Tho's CONOLY of Ballymanor both
in the Co of Leitrim Gent' Trustees nam'd in the marriage settlemt of the S'd Jm's BRAD
OCK and Marg't his wife of the second part and Jonathan CONOLY of the city of
Dublin Gent of the third reciting that the s'd Ja's BRADOCK and Marg't his wife by
and with the consent of the s'd Ja's VAUGH and Tho's CONOLY testified by their signing
and executd s'd deed in consider'n of the Cov's in s'd deed Ment'd did devise grant
setunto the s'd Jonathan CONOLY all that and those the Towns and Lands of Drumkee
lan or'wise Drumkeonlanbeg situate in the parish of Kiltoghert and Co of
Leitrim from the first day of Nov last for and dur'g the nat'l life and lives of
Bernard CONOLY youngest son of Thos CONOLY party to s'd Deed Char's PEYTON first
son of W'm PEYTON of --eshcargan in s'd Co of Leitrim Gent and Jonathan CONOLY
the lessor therein Nam'd at the yearly rent of fifteen pounds Ster'g payable as in s'd
Deed and the sd Ja's VAUGH and Tho's CONOLY cove'd on their part and for their....
and ap's that s'd Jonathan CONOLY perfprm'g the cov's in s'd Deed and adjoining the
s'd ten't shpuld dur'g the term thereby devised quietly have held and enjoy
s'd prem's and which s'd deed and this mem'l is witnessed as to the execut'g thereof
by the s'd Ja's BRADOCK and Marg't his wife Ja's VAUGH and Tho's CONOLY by Nath'e
of the City of Dublin all Sol' Conv'y and Myles LYONS of Leitrim in s'd Co
of Leitrim Gent Ja's BRADOCK (seal) Marg't BRODOCK (seal) Ja's VAUGH (seal)
Tho's CONOLY (seal) sign'd seal'd and deliv'd in presance of Nath'e MONTGOMERY Myles
. The above named Natn'e MONTGOMERY maketh oath and sayeth that he
is a sub'g witness to the deed of lease of which the above writ'g is a mem'l
The execut'g thereof by the above nam'd Ja's BRADOCK and Marg't his wife Ja's
VAUGH and Tho's CONOLY and is also sub'g witness to this mem'l and dep't sayeth
he did see the above mem'l Ja's BRADOCK Marg't his wife Ja's VAUGH and Tho's
CONOLY duly sig'd seal and executed the s'd deed of lease and this mem'l and that
the name Nath'l MONTGOMERY sub'd as a witness to the s'd deed annd this mem'l is the
dep't name and hand writ'g Nath'e MONTGOMERY sworn before me at Ballyconell
in the Co of Cavan this 10th day of March 1798 by virtue of a commisssion to me directed
in the County and I know the Dep't Edw'd WHITLEY Com'r

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