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   To my parents, Elizabeth & Wilton, for making it all possible in the first place, thanks.
   Many thanks to David my brother in law
for scanning all those pictures for me. Ta!! 
   Thanks also to Jim for trawling the archives in Washington for all the census
   information now linked via the genealogy page. Thanks Jim
   Thanks to Damian for the make over-on the logo at the top of the page.
   Thanks to Alan for the Wilton information ta very much.
    My thanks go to Elizabeth for the some of the Vaux information and a little Vaugh stuff as well, thanks a lot.
   To the all staff of the Public Record Offices in London, Dublin and Belfast for help and guidance in many cases and    their patience in several others, thanks a bunch
   To hundreds of you for the kind words and encouragement you've given me over the years, far too many to mention    here.

   Last but not least, thanks for the contact from the many relatives of the men of the South Irish Horse. Your interest    has spurred me on to start writing a book covering the history of the men who were the South Irish Horse and its    affiliated regiments, thanks.
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                    Doug Vaugh, England 15th April 2003